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Decorated Christmas Tree

Something special for your Festive Season

Welcome to December 2023! Here is what we can recommend to you to make your celebrations simple, tasty and special at the same time. You can choose from here or from our normal range.


Choose what you like, send us a message with your order and collection date, come to pick up and pay on collection. 

Last order for Christmas is 22 December and last order for New Year is 29 December. 

Looking forward to bake for you! 



Pain Au Levain

Our signature sourdough loaf Great all rounder for any dish you may eat. You can have it with the soup, dip into the sauce, make a sandwich. 

£4.70 for 1kg loaf 



Flat Italian bread with olive oil, rosemary and sea salt. Great for sharing, dipping into olive oil, sandwich and overall fantastic addition to any celebration. Comes as plain or with olives and sun dried tomatoes. 

£5.20 for plain focaccia 

£5.90 for olives and sun dried tomatoes focaccia 


Mixed olives ciabatta

If you love olives, than this loaf can be for you. Baked with olive oil and mixture of black and green olives. This is one of the softest loaves we bake. 

£3.50 for 600g loaf 



Light Rye Loaf with Dry Fruit or Walnuts

One of our favourites - light rye loaf with apricots, dates, sultanas and cranberries. Great with cheese board or on it's own, toasted or fresh.


Another variation of this loaf is with walnuts and sultanas. 

£4.80 for 1kg loaf with apricots, dates, sultanas and cranberries 

£3.30 for 600g loaf with walnuts and sultanas


Large Brioche

Traditional classic French brioche great for sharing during those special moments. Fantastic for breakfast or as an afternoon snack. Enough for 6 people and comes in 4 flavours: vanilla with pearl sugar on top, triple chocolate, lavender or raisin and orange zest. 

£16.00 each 


Large Kugelhopf

Traditional cake of Alsace region filled with raisins and orange zest, coated with flaked almonds and powdered sugar. Enough for 6-8 people to share. 

£18.00 each 

Pre-order by 22 December for Christmas

You can pre-order by sending us a message from t his website or message on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for your custom!

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